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We have held a series of 5 Focus/Discussion groups for different age groups (Parents of under 5s, Parents of school-age children, Teenagers, Working age adults, Retirement-age adults).  If you didn't get a chance to attend, we would still love to hear from you with any comments or ideas on the social and community life of the village.

Click HERE for the introductory page of the September 09 newsletter, and HERE for the summary of the focus group responses..

We will be incorporating the results of the written questionnaires in the next stage of our discussions.




  • Ensure ALL community groups feel included (children, teenagers, working age, retired, ethnic minority, disabled, unemployed, new residents)
  • Assess efficiency of communication channels – improve?

Young people

  • Active involvement in community planning process?
  • Demand for facilities/activities

Older people

  • Age profile of community – specific issues
  • Particular needs – support mechanisms, day club, visiting service?

Village facilities – buildings and land

  • Consider use of existing facilities: Old Schoolroom, Chapel, Five Elms pub
  • Other needs? eg. meeting place for young people
  • Review land owned by church/charities/parish

Sports and play facilities

  • Assess usage of Playground/park – recommendations for  changes/improvements
  • Sites for sports field/tennis court?

Community Spirit

  • Mutual support – need for schemes to be initiated? eg. Helpful Neighbour, Keeping locality tidy, Skills Swap Register

Health and well-being

  • Access to healthcare services ie. GP surgery, dentist, chemist, chiropodist, hospitals
  • How to promote fitness and good health
  • Access to health information
  • Help in emergency  – prescription collection, lifts to surgery

Leisure/Lifelong learning

  • Are needs/preferences covered for all groups? – clubs/societies, educational courses, social events
  • Financial support for new/existing groups?
  • Community computer provision?

Safety and security

  • Issues relating to access to policing
  • Effectiveness of Neighbourhood Watch
  • Research key crime and disorder concerns
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