Working Group Leader: Chris Birks
Tel 641216

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Local and National Planning Issues

  • Impact on Weedon from: Area Local Plan/Local Development Framework eg. further expansion of Aylesbury, South East Plan
  • Protect rural identity and individuality

General character and appearance

  • Define what gives Weedon its distinctive rural character
  • What do we like and dislike about the appearance of Weedon?
  • How to protect and preserve the things villagers value

Open and public spaces

  • Open spaces, views and sightlines – which ones define the village?   How to protect and enhance?
  • Village green (playground/park) and duck pond
  • Other important and valued features?
  • Important areas for wildlife?

Trees, Hedgerows, Verges and Footpaths

  • Trees – survey to identify important individual trees/groups?  Contribution to character of village – scheme of care?
    Hedgerows, verges, footpaths, bridleways, stiles – condition? Accessibility and signposting.  Maintenance sufficient?

Built environment

  • Conservation area – current boundaries, extension? Effective?
  • Existing character of buildings, current patterns of development, identify valued features – protect and enhance?
  • Ways to utilise and preserve architectural elements such as building materials, doors, gates, roofscapes, walls
  • Balance between rural and developed environment
  • Importance of preserving different and distinct parts of village?
  • Availability of village housing vs. local demand and affordability
  • Attitudes to any future development: infill, adjoining, replacement
  • Street lighting – extent? Hours of operation?

Sustainability and Green Issues

  • Current waste/recycling arrangements – new schemes for more recycling, product re-use
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