Dr John Bridle's Charity makes grants for education and in time of need to residents of the Ecclesiastical Parish of Hardwick which includes Hardwick, Weedon and the southern part of Bushmead Road, Whitchurch.
1. Agricultural land in Weedon - let to J G Chapman
2. John Bridle's Hall, Hardwick - leased to Hardwick Village Community Association
3. Charifundshares
Income: approximately £5,000 p.a.
Rev D Meakin (Chairman) - Rector of Hardwick
Mrs F Blacklock - Appointed by Hardwick Parish Council
Mrs D Mitchell - Appointed by Hardwick Parish Council
Mrs J Rose - Appointed by Weedon Parish Council
Mr J Sellers - Appointed by Weedon Parish Council
Mrs M Askew - Appointed by the New College, Oxford for the Diocese
Clerk: Wendy Kett, 34 East End, Weedon, Aylesbury, Bucks HP22 4NJ. Tel 640366.
Email: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Although the Trustees meet in September and December each year to consider applications for grants for those in Need and for Educational purposes, applications can be made in an emergency at any time during the year. When making grants, the trustees will be influenced by the amount of money available and their assessment of the need.
Help can be given towards the cost of a wide range of purposes for people of any age who live in the ecclesiastical parish and are in NEED of financial help provided that it is not for purposes which are already covered by the state. Some examples are clothes, additional help in the home above that provided for people who are aged or infirm, a contribution toward the cost of electricity, heating or TV licence. It is appreciated that friends or relatives may make applications on behalf of the sick or aged who may not feel able to make an application themselves.
For an EDUCATIONAL grant, the applicant must normally be under 25 years of age and if living away from home, for example at university, normally reside in the ecclesiastical parish. Grants may be available towards the cost of items such as books, musical instruments, educational travel, clothing, sports equipment, and special courses and to supplement grants made by the state educational authorities. The aim is to give aid and encouragement for those who need it for education in the widest sense.
Application forms may be downloaded from this site or obtained from the Clerk and any of the Trustees.
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